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Become A Hygiene Superhero Entrepreneur Seminar – its FREE and Easy!!!

At EzeeChem, we are empowering people to live Better Lives.

Through our EzeeSell program we are equipping ordinary people become extraordinary citizens – we are helping our people unearth their natural talents by equipping them to become Hygiene Superhero Entrepreneurs. Whilst the program is designed to assist you to make money by marketing much needed products that every household and industry needs, it is also geared towards helping our people live more dignified lives – you will be helping our fellow beings and, in the process, empower yourselves live improved lives.

By being part of our EzeeSell Program, you will benefit from:


  • Information about our incredible product range
  • Costing methods – and how to ensure you make money
  • Marketing and Sales Methods – that will help you to sell more
  • The Power of Social Media – and how you can easily access and benefit from this media
  • Customer Service and Interaction – how to treat your customers like kings and queens
  • How to keep your business current and Relevant – evolution and how to keep ahead of the game!!!

Detergents is needed in every house and workplace. Whether it is in the Townships, Suburbs or Rural areas, everyone wants our products. While there are many detergent resellers, many of them are selling products that are of qualities that are mostly questionable. The branded products from the established entities are becoming increasingly more expensive and out of reach of the ordinary person. Whilst every person wants to clean, they are being marginalized by either products that are too inferior or too expensive – this is where your relationship with EzeeChem is developed and embedded as we guarantee quality and affordability. At EzeeChem, our aim and goal are to provide products that, even we are proud to use in our homes. While it is our intention to help you make money, our overall goal is to ensure that our products make a difference to our people’s lives.


In life, as with anything, if you chase after money, the money will run further away from you. If you offer a good product with superior service, the money will look for you. Becoming an EzeeChem Hygiene Superhero Entrepreneur, is great opportunity to find your independence. You could do this as a side hustle or even on a full-time business. Whatever you choose, we will assist and guide you.


You will soon learn that, with our products, customer demand will outstrip supply. It is because of how we conduct our business, that you will get more and more inquiries from more and more people thereby ensuring that your business grows.

What you can expect from EzeeChem:


  • Reliable Quality Products
  • Affordable Prices
  • Continuous product Availably
  • Customized Service to meet you growing business Needs
  • Technical Support and Advise
  • Regular Training
Besides Product you will have access to labels, through our relationships with suppliers, packaging, as well as Marketing and Support services from our strategic partners. Become a Hygiene Superhero Entrepreneur. Become proud. Become somebody who is making a difference to your community. The opportunities endless. Are you ready to embark on this fantastic journey?

Your Community, Your Country, Your Continent, Your World needs people like you – Are you Ready?

EzeeChem cares about growing our Country and its people – lets continue to provide dignity, whilst developing and growing yourself!!!!
18 September 09:00 - 11:00
Cape Town
Confirmation will be sent to successful applicants
All COVID 19 protocols will be strictly adhered to Limited attendence

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