Detergents Manufacturing Training Programme

At the end of the training we'll provide you with the formulations, Certificate of Attendance, EzeeChem Raw Chemical Products list that you will use in making your products as well as preferential pricing.

Manufacturing of cleaning detergents and products is not a very difficult task, but you will still need some training and practice if you want to make a success of such a business.

At EzeeChem you are able to get all of the above under one roof.
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Benefits of Detergents
Manufacturing Training Course

Leading training institutions such as EzeeChem Training and Consulting will ensure that you are provided with access to the training on detergent manufacturing that is held over one to two days depending on the current education of the trainees. Our courses are small and that gives people enough time to learn at their own pace. Some people learn faster than others. This training course is offered in Randfontein in Johannesburg, but if you do not stay in the area, there are accommodation facilities nearby. We also provide back packer accommodation at the training center which is offered for free whilst in training.

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Detergents Manufacturing Training E-book

We are here to assist all size businesses in growth, by offering Raw Chemicals, finished products ready to sell and we offer training as well. Our team of knowledgeable staff will teach you about the various products and how to sell them.


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Detergents Manufacturing Training Asked Questions

What can I expect from the training?

By attending our Detergent Entrepreneurial SuperHERO (DES) Manufacturing Training, you will acquire sufficient knowledge ton be able to start manufacturing and selling detergents and cleaning products.

Is EzeeChem accredited to provide training?

The intention of EzeeChem providing such Training is assist our people gain knowledge and practical exposure to the Detergents and Cleaning Chemicals Manufacturing space. EzeeChem does not provide any certification of competence – although, from time to time wee do issue letters of attendance to attendees – but it must be noted, that in no way, EzeeChem is certifying competence.

How much is the training?

The investment per product is currently R200. However, this may change.

Can I be trained in 1 product?

Yes you may be trained in 1 product only. You can, however, choose as many products as your interest or budget permits.

How long is the training?

The training lasts for a few hours – to a few days, depending on the number of products. This can be discussed individually in advance

Do you offer individual training – one on one?

Yes this can be arranged – we encourage you to contact us for a discussion

We can buy E-Books for a number of products from social media, as well as watch videos on social – why should we attend your session?

experience has taught us that acquiring a so-called e-book provides you with only the minimum of theoretical knowledge – whilst we are not discouraging the acquisition of e-book, we have discovered many of our trainees still attend our sessions, even after getting the E-Books. During the session, you can interact with the Trainer, who is able to answer questions you may have. A final point is to be wary as there are several so-called experts selling E-Books who have acquired this from other sources, with no knowledge of Detergents and Cleaning Chemicals knowledge – do yourself a favour and test their knowledge – if happy go ahead and buy.

where are you situated and contact Information?

163A Eloff Street Selby, Johannesburg – Tel 060 5643976 / 010 0231039 / 0814716662

Training can also be conducted Nationally on request, if there are at least 5 candidates
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We deeply focus on the needs of our clients, understand the needs based on our training services and always deliver good quality work with an overall trustworthy service.

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We are a locally established South African Manufacturer and Distributor of Raw Chemicals and Cleaning Products and Services that provides high quality, cost effective hygiene related solutions and products.

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