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EzeeChem May 12, 2022

As with anything in life never give up  – it may take a bit of time to master, but we intend to make this as easy of possible by providing the background information, method and kit to make your journey to manufacturing FABRIC SOFTENER simpler


It is important to understand the cost of your process:

  1. Raw material costs
  2. Energy Costs
  3. People costs
  4. Packaging Costs
  5. And any other miscellaneous costs

If the costs of production are higher than the selling price costs – then review this.

Please note this is just an illustrative example to assist you in working out costs and you must use the current prices to get to an accurate costing value

NOTE Overheads = Labour, Energy, Rent, Transportation, Marketing (but excludes Packaging) – it is an estimate and must best be reviewed by the producer.