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Our business is built on the philosophy that hygiene is a right – all people should have access to hygiene-related products.

By making our raw chemical materials, household detergents, car care products, and industrial cleaning products and services available to our client partners who can responsibly produce and sell quality hygiene-related products, means we are making a difference – to help our people live better. We also provide training and technical support to ensure our client partners achieve success. We ensure accessibility, affordability, and availability – helping people our people to live dignified lives.
Our mission supports our people to live and work in clean environments, ensuring personal and environmental hygiene is maintained at all times. Our products also help our people drive clean cars with pride. Through our wide range of EzeeFRESH and white label products, we at EzeeChem, are on a journey to change our peoples’ lives!!!
We are proudly local and:

Black owned and managed.
BEE level 1.
Creating opportunities for locals.
Caring for our people.
Have a passion for hygiene.
We will create an Iconic African Brand - Local Roots with a Vision of being a Global Brand
Through our Products and Services, we help to Create Hygienic Household and Workplace Spaces in Partnership with SUPERHEROE ENTREPRENEURS, creating Economic Development and Work Opportunities
We always put Customer First, Innovation with Intergity, Passion, Pride and Empathy. We Live Entrepreneurship. We Value Our Brand.
EzeeChem EzeeFRESH Brand

Our Brand.

We have worked for many years on our own brand of Cleaning Chemicals for all surfaces. Our complete range of EzeeFRESH products is available for re-selling to your customers. We can assist with getting your orders delivered straight to your door, making it even easier for you to focus on your business.

EzeeChem guarantees a complete product for your cleaning needs. We have created products that go beyond the kitchen to give you a wholesome cleaning experience.
We also ensure our products are both fresh and when used correctly are safe to use for the best results in any environment you need use them in.
We put the ingredients into each our products to ensure we give you the best cleaning strength you need.
We stand by our product’s capacity to complete the cleaning experience. EzeeChem will ensure a 100% results with each clean, feel free to call us with feedback on your experience.

Why Choose Us As Your Chemical Supplier

We guarantee 100% quality and delivery on expectations. Our products are becoming shelf leaders as well as the brand of choice for customers.

About Us

We are a locally established South African Manufacturer and Distributor of Raw Chemicals and Cleaning Products and Services that provides high quality, cost effective hygiene related solutions and products.

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